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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2015, 9:16 PM

So, I hate all these "Do this challenge and tag 10 friends!!!!!" because I find it obnoxious to bombard my friends and I've made a point to never fall in to that sort of trap. But I've made an exception because I had a lot to say to this one and I thought you guys would enjoy the insight into Hearty's mind. (Also I haven't made a journal entry in well over a year....awkward XD)
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? I started DA on another account Sakura-lies in 2009. I abandoned it for numerous reasons; after a short-lived hiatus, I created the Heartystar account to mark the moment in time when I took myself seriously as an artist.

  2. What does your username mean? Sakura-lies was actually a weird association to the song "Alyssa lies", which didn't have any real relevance other than the fact I found the title catchy. The username HeartyStar formed semi-organically as I attempted to find a matching (but shortened) monogram for a pen name I used for years that I was going to use when I was a famous manga-ka: Haruhian Sakurai. Inspired from characters of my first favorite animes Haruhi from Ouran's High School Host Club, and Sakura from Naruto. I'd been using Star as a nickname for years, but I decided "Hearty" as a self-inspiring quota to live up to.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Slowly getting better

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right-handed for drawing purposes. However, my left hand is (oddly, but) significantly stronger, so I use it for most everything else.

  5. What was your first deviation? Undoubtedly a shoddy drawing of my Mary-Sue OCs from the series Wolf's Rain rendered in Paint. But for this account the oldest deviation I have is: So what? by HeartyStar which is a good example of my transition for cell-shaded to digital paints.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? I still enjoy simple pencil sketches, but I've grown fond of cellshaded works and hope to get better with digital paints.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? The point is the journey, without it I'd have no motivation or subject to create. Having said that, I've admired abstract expressionistic oil paintings all my life and I have always hoped that's where my art will lead me eventually.

  8. What was your first favourite? Childish I've adored this piece ever since I first saw it. No matter our reasons to create art or dramatic shifts in subject or style, it all goes back to - "it made me happy when I was little, so I keep on keeping on." I'm sure the picture itself has a different meaning for the artist, but whenever I feel too depressed or stressed to make art, it keeps things in perspective: It takes a minute and it makes you happy, so why are you saying no?

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Digital art certainly, but artwork with a lot of motion and color.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? In all fairness, I couldn't possibly name a single person. So many people have encouraged me with my art and with my life and with my problems. The majority have inspired me without even realizing but their contribution to my growth is apparent to me - and so very appreciated.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? :iconyuumei: :icongasara: :iconhellobaby: :iconmarkcrilley: :iconpaperanddust: -notice me senpais~!-

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? I refer you to article number 10

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? My brain. Certainly if I had a more dependable tool, there would be a far greater amount of art to worry about. However lately, when I am able to solely use a pen or tablet pen I'm forced to doodle for a rare instance and I've happened upon some interesting creations.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? I've thought of myself as a nervous person with artistic tendencies for most of my life, but I've come to realize the biggest things that motivate me to create is emotionally provocative experiences. Any situation that turns into a memory I return to, often ends up as inspiration for a piece. Meaning, it makes a bad situation a little better, or good memory with a souvenir. My friends are the best people and they help me appreciate the good times we have and I try to capture that feeling in my art.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Most all of them make me happy. Catching up with a friendly person on the other side of the world, getting to talk shop with fellow artists or writers about the work I or they have created, or simply giving or getting a "It's beautiful!" comment on a deviation.

WTC contest prizes~

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 18, 2014, 9:43 AM
First off, can I just say, thank you all!
As my first contest I had serious doubts, but I'm so glad you all came together.

I wanna stress that deciding the places was particularly hard, especially sense everyone of you really seemed to have a sense for the characters.
Even those who didn't win a prize, everyone's entry was spectacular. I made sure to comment on everyone's to say how much I loved their entry, if I missed someone, please let me know~
I'm still so proud of you guys! -sniff sniff T3T
I encourage you all to check out the other contestants :3

Anyway, I'm sure everyone's quite anxious, so we'll get right down to it.

1st place is x-Memoire-x
<da:thumb id="417225684"/>

2nd place is NIKEwings
Good Times - WTC - Contest by NIKEwings

3rd place is churchmouse0010
001 by churchmouse0010

And the other fabulous entries~

by :iconmirianroseart:
Companionship - Contest Entry by MirianRoseArt

by :icongwgoulini7:
Things We've Lost by gwgoulini7

by :iconbakugan5ds:
WTC contest by Bakugan5Ds                   WTC Reference sheetName: Nikki Colley
DOB and sign: July 15th 1999. Cancer
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 162 cm/5'4
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
School Clothing: He wears usually light colored button up shirts and depending on how he's feeling, he adds his favorite red tie to his school outfit. For pants, he wears dark jeans with his belt hanging vertically from his waist.
Casual Clothing: Usually he wears a light colored short sleeved shirt with a light colored long sleeved short underneath (the colors never really matching). Like for school clothing, he wears dark jeans with his belt hanging vertically from his waist.
Formal Clothing: He wears a dark blue tuxedo with a tail with his favorite red tie, white dress shirt and black dress shoes.
Hobbies: Gaming, listening to music, hanging out with his friends, helping others and relaxing.
Views: He values friendship, loyalty and trust in everything he does and believes that is the bases for everything in life.
                                  WTC Contest: An InteractionNow, where is an eatery? Nikki thought as he was walking with the map of the province of Hiroshima Japan. Nikki Colley had just moved there just a few hours ago and his aunt and uncle told him to go out and explore the town why they and his cousins got at least some of the house set up. So far his walk to get around town has gone to well. He tripped over a curb, which was very obvious to see that it was there, he got lost leaving his subdivision and he had forgotten his cellphone at the house.
There has to be at least one.....In the middle of his thought he bumped into a light green haired girl that just happened to be a lot taller than he was.
"OW! What was that for?" the light green haired girl asked turning away from her group of friends and looked at Nikki.
"Sorry I was..." He started trying not to feel imitimdated the light green haired girl and her huge group of friends.
"Sophie, it was obviously an accident. No need to get worked up over nothing.

Also to the mystery raffle prize goes to Clovis-thecutestcat

Prizes will be given out promptly! Thank you again for your participation~

Watcher love #8

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 10, 2014, 5:50 PM
Skin by SimplySilent

Five days left to the WTC!? contest,… if you haven't checked it out please do! Prizes should be given out this time next week at the latest.

Future Keith bust by Emidikun
Friendly WIP by Emidikun
Future Leo colored by Emidikun

Still A Dream. by gwgoulini7
Something I need by gwgoulini7
Never lose your faith by gwgoulini7

A word like no other...
It can only be described in pain, not words...
But in the will whisper its words...
Of lost love,
Of hopes and dreams...
I am dead...
I am internally dead...
Goodbye my world,
I say as I slip into darkness...
May you live in peace...
And hold my hopes, dreams, and secrets within you.

Losing You...When I was sitting there right by your bedside nothing phased me...
I never thought I was never going to lose you...
You told me everything was going to be okay, but nothing was okay...
I miss your smile, your laugh, your eyes, your warmth, your existence...
I remember everything about you...
It tears my soul apart...
It was tragic time when I lost you...
Loosing you was the worst thing that ever happened to me...
Loosing you...
It rings in my head...
It tears at my soul and heart...
I love you, don't forget that...
Wait for the day I come to Heaven...
When I lost you a part of me went with you...
So you have a part of me...
Hold that piece, cherish it...
I'll be there soon...

Not LoveThis is not love.
No matter what you say.
These words are meant to bring you down.
You have you head up in the clouds.
Now I'm thinking out loud.
My world is spinin'.
Could it be?
Is this love setting free?
Is this the feeling?
Could it be?
Is your love overtaking me?
No it can't be.
I am not in love.
I am in denial of this.
This is not love.
But its a possibility...
No, no, this isn't love.
It can't be.
Don't you see?
I'm in denial,
And now I'm setting you free.
Free from the love.
No, not love.
But maybe, just maybe...
This isn't love!
It can't be!
Set me free!
Leave me be!
This isn't love.
It won't be, it can't be.
Its not, it isn't.
I can't be, it won't be.
Set me free.
Please, just leave me be.
I'm not in love.
Please, face the facts, its not love.
Its a misunderstood feeling.
A longing for hope.
There is no love.
Just a sullen, misunderstood emotion...
I set it free...
Leave it be...
Its a promise to me.
My freedom from th

women .... by PrinceofSilver
Drawing by PrinceofSilver
illusions by PrinceofSilver

My First Love is Death by AlessioCaruso

Sci-fi anime background by AlessioCaruso


Equestrian Wereworld - Mane Six as Weredragons by Lactopi

Goddess of the Sea by SharpenArrow
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 by SharpenArrow
Bob Marley by SharpenArrow

Smoke by brownbearsbetter
odd 2 by brownbearsbetter
Free Hugs?! by brownbearsbetter

Shirt Design FINALLL (On white background) by PunkGaaraGirl17
//V/2.0 by PunkGaaraGirl17
File_Corrupted by PunkGaaraGirl17


Watcher love #7

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 3, 2014, 1:28 PM
Skin by SimplySilent

Just a quick plug, less than two weeks for the WTC contest guys!…
New deadline is January 15th. Make sure to send in your entries before then.

Now for some arts~


<da:thumb id="368266100"/>
<da:thumb id="368100703"/>

The Meaning of life...Despite it all, all his megalomania, his massive ego, cold psychological precision and stupid glasses he remains human. I know I'm going to have to kill him, he knows to much for me not to and I know exactly what he'll do with that information. Yet he wants more, more information, more knowledge, even at the brink of death he remains a man of science.
"Right now I imagine you're feeling incredibly angry, you hate the fact that you are unable to protect the one's you love or even yourself"
"I suppose I should feel that way professor, but I don't...I actually feel a great sense of pity...for you"
"Me? I think those blows to the head have done more damage than you think, I am in control"
"No your not, you're out a purpose of a higher being who wants nothing more to end all life, that doesn't sound like someone whose in control and thus you saying so is delusional"
"...Then I am in control of you"
"That is also delusional"
"I have you strapped to a chair in which you cannot e

DC Comic Project: Character Profile-Mel by Foxy-Knight
Psychic: Justified IsolationI know life isn't fair
I know I deserve better
But the truth is I don't care
I'm just one man, despite it all
They will always mean more than I
So what if I'm alone
So what if I'm depressed
So what if I'm hopelessly trapped
In a need for consistency
At least they are fine
That's always been enough for me
Now you come to me, and that say that isn't fair
You tell them I deserve better
I know I shouldn't care but I know you are right
You see through me, now so do they
How can you understand, it's too late for me
So what if I'm alone
So what if I'm depressed
So what if I'm hopelessly trapped
In a need for consistency
At least they are fine
That's always been enough for me
Not everyone gets a happily ever after
We don't all fall in love
And sometimes we loved and lost
I can take all the pain that they wish onto you
But heartbreak is a killer, when like me you have two

Raion by vulpix15
Annemarie by vulpix15
Haaaaai Dallas~! by vulpix15

I couldnt resist to take a photo to these cosplays by L45T5ND0
Somthing is rong here... Somthing is not right. by L45T5ND0
Sketch Project by L45T5ND0

Happy birthday to me The Queen of Darkness~! by DarkEmbrace75
Miku in a Kimono~ by DarkEmbrace75
Happy Birthday Ju~! by DarkEmbrace75

Scrouge Sisters: attack at close range by sedamentary
Dave And John Cake by sedamentary
Kato by sedamentary

swordsman by Hidanna
Jill by Hidanna

Request: Mystical Creature Poker by LaceyCheshireGrin
B-Day: Batman's Tardis by LaceyCheshireGrin
Transcendentalist project Scene 14 by LaceyCheshireGrin
Elpis  Page 1 by Hellfunpublishing
Aslash D - Poster 2 - The Party by Hellfunpublishing
Aslash D Page 2 by Hellfunpublishing
Halloween-pumpkin (and Cat) by K-Amanda
My Cirno by K-Amanda
Cautious Mini. by K-Amanda

SS2013 - nhiaChan by Kawaiishi
Draw This Again! Meme: Vanille by Kawaiishi
MERRY XMAS 2013! by Kawaiishi

Watcher love #6

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 1:17 PM
Skin by SimplySilent

I'm really just amazed at the diversity of all these arts, I hope you guys enjoy these features as much as I do~ <3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! by kasumi-n-hikari
Design 1 by kasumi-n-hikari
Ene by kasumi-n-hikari

Spyro Figurine by L-Y-N-S
Come with me by L-Y-N-S
Espeon and Friends by L-Y-N-S

Herri, Iver, and Jae by viv2001
For NickiMinajPrincess by viv2001
Farrah by viv2001

SF-A2 Miki by pokefan2012
Gold and Togepi by pokefan2012
FE BOYS CLUB SS2012 Alice-Pandora by pokefan2012

Rubor by Plexure
Black by Plexure
Thursday Drawing by Plexure

Superb Starling by emmalemmadingdong
Lily by emmalemmadingdong
Sleeping Cygnet by emmalemmadingdong

The Coming Autumn by shadowshot9
A Dome of Glass Digital Version by shadowshot9
Spires by shadowshot9

Odd Friends by Sysica
Keemcha and Rose Crazy Love by Sysica
Starry Alignment by Sysica

Yin Yang at the beach by JinxZodiac
Tripp 83 by JinxZodiac
Tripp 13 by JinxZodiac

WIP screenshot by Bianca5
WIP 2: Corridor by Bianca5
WIP: This thing... by Bianca5

Watcher love #5

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 10:39 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

Wow, have I ever told you guys how I don’t have a proper sense of time? It’s certainly relevant now, watcher features were due yesterday. Silly thing to do on a Thursday, but maybe that’s just me.
Ah, one little thing I came across that I should mention, if you’re facebooking DA (meaning you’re using Deviantart like a facebook) and posting pictures you like rather than what you’ve made….I’m not featuring you. It makes it especially hard to find something you’ve made and then to know if it’s legit or not…It’s a mess, and I’d look like the douche for misleading people. So in short, we’re just not going there. On that note I should add that these features are for promoting artists, if you have no deviations in your gallery, I assume you’re one of those people who’s only looking at art. So hopefully you’re getting something out of it, even though you’re not being featured.
A lot of chatting not enough art yet!
Watercolor-Spraypaint Abstract Painting...Print #1 by LightrayPhotography

Portraitesque: Background Manipulation by LightrayPhotography

Kamen Rider Amazon: Friendship is MagicHonesty
Brought together to form the Elements of Harmony, these artifacts is known to be the most powerful magical objects known to ponydom. Because of it, they have been kept safe in the vaults within Castle Canterlot. Few had dared to steal these gems for many reasons, but past attempts have been thwarted by the royal guards. In one occasion, both Princess Celestia and Luna defended the treasure themselves. Now, attempts of thievery of the Elements have been drastically reduced, nopony dared to do it again. But all is not as it seems...

Gates of Tartarus
The royal guards scattered around the area, for the Cerberus, who was tasked to guard the gates has gone missing. These warrior ponies are on high alert, Pegasi guards hovered nearby to locate the Cerberus in the vicinity, and some kept watch on the gates. Unicorn guards also stood nearby, lest more demons jumped out of the gate to escape their fiery prison. Nopony knew why the

A Strange AbodeYou guys know MTV Cribs? This story is pretty much like that, except I've never seen any of the episode. We all know who The Stranger is, but what of his daily life? Let's find out!(Told in Stranger's POV)
Also, incoming wall of text!

The History
Eons ago, when I, The Stranger, lived in a cave during my early years of insanity. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the cave was actually a part of a Titan's body. Unlike the Titans of Greek mythology, it was very much larger than any of them; imagine the American continent. If you ever bother to see a world map, you know how far the distance between Canada and Chile in South America. That's how tall the Titan is. Some of you may think that it's impossible, scientifically and logically. But the Earth held many secrets lost through recorded time, and it has its own rules. Did Allah ever created the Titan, or is it always been a part of Earth, watching over the life that has existed since her creation? Whatever the

KH x SW x FF New IdeasHey you guys, Stranger here.
I could type this for a journal, but nah.
You see, I just have been doing lots of researches regarding my Kingdom Hearts fanfic; you know, the one with more Star Wars, Final Fantasy, etc.?
There are some rewriting that I must do. That one thing is the Keyblader-Jedi Civil War.
You see, that war was one of these ancient legendary battles, where the history books have few exact details about it. Yensid, Eraqus, and Xehanort weren't there. In canon, Xehanort got interested about the Keyblade War, and after lots of events you can see for yerself in the games, he became Evil Spock-- I mean Master Xehanort, who causes all the bullshit the good guys went through.
Here's my new idea regarding the war and other stuffs.
There are five people who shines the most in this Civil War: Darth Revan, leader of the Sith forces from the game Knights of the Old Republic and reappeared in the MMORPG The Old Republic. Cid of the Lufaine, Cosmos, and Chaos from Dissidia Final Fant

Kyubey by VizironClaw
Entry by VizironClaw
Kiba~ by VizironClaw

Sonic and Eggman by MGartist
Fun drawing made on Jan. 26, 2012 by MGartist
Chaos Ultimate Sonic Fan Comic Page 1 by MGartist

``andrej pejic`` by Duraiku-kun
art trade by Duraiku-kun
art trade - whiski by Duraiku-kun


Aqua Serpent by 0-VoodooDoll
Me in anime by 0-VoodooDoll
Day of The Dead Makeup. by 0-VoodooDoll


My Little Pony OC Plushie Commission by CINNAMON-STITCH
My Little pony Princess Pony Plush Commissions by CINNAMON-STITCH
My little pony Plush commission by CINNAMON-STITCH

Why? by SariDxCxoxoPrincess
5 seconds? by SariDxCxoxoPrincess
El Erick (/._.)/ by SariDxCxoxoPrincess

Watcher love #4

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 12, 2013, 4:38 PM
Skin by SimplySilent

Oh, it's that journal skin, looks like someone remembered that she was doing features. Good for her.
Features re-loaded! The same deal, 10 watchers every week, three submissions. I will no longer be writing comments, frankly, because that was far too time consuming. If you're interested in a peep, research them yourselves, yes? yes.
Also, I felt really anxious and pressured to say something awesome to each person, equally awesome, so there wouldn't be favoritism and inferiority complexes. So, just no. No more of that.

Having said that, sexy artwork this round y'all, be sure to check everybody out.

Draw this again with OC Tina by bastiaandegoedeKariban for Khristian05 by bastiaandegoede

Draw battle Thema Snow. by bastiaandegoede

3D LANDSCAPE by kuroshishiro
Shiro icon by kuroshishiroitayuki by kuroshishiro

Undefined - Re-touched by Zeax82The Mirror - Finished by Zeax82

Courtney by Zeax82


Kate Sparow by smARTIE-GAIATXena Gaiat by smARTIE-GAIAT

Ottilie Fall bust by smARTIE-GAIAT


Neon Flower by gogitaFroggies1The Flood by gogitaFroggies1

Galaxy hand by gogitaFroggies1

Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Book 2 Cover by ZumiexArrival- Dei Ex Machina WIP/Unfinished by Zumiex

Runie t-shirt design- Courage against Oppression by Zumiex

Recovered Heretical Journal Entry 5My Love Jennison,
I write this in hopes that somehow, some way, it may reach you. I fear that Commissar Bolk has gone mad, though not of the more ordinary circumstances I had first been suspicious of. As he rallies us onward, I can almost feel the same madness creeping into the back of my mind. It is as though a great parasite wishes to see us destroyed from within.
Tell the boys I love them, and tell them true. I know that one day it will come time for them to serve for the Emperor and our people, and if I am not there to see them off I know that you will relate my love to them. Thomas is such a strong boy, he will surely do well in the Guard. Garret is smart, I can almost see him in the faces of the Basilisk crewman. I do fear for Leman, he was just a babe as I left to protect you. The pictures you have sent do little justice to his growth, I am sure. Make sure you tell him more about me, and read this to him if you get the chance.
I miss you, my love. In every letter we send
INCOMING Final by MisterHumble

Grotchucka's Favorite Dread by MisterHumble


23 ChinChillin' by SommaDATJapanese Fox Spirit Tattoo by SommaDAT

Vampire Fetus 13 by SommaDAT

Most accurate short story ever

Wed Dec 11, 2013, 10:18 AM

I don't know who's seen this before, but, here it is:
  -For everyone who loves to create- by projectTiGER
So many damn feels, I read it and cried.
then I read it again and cried harder. >.<

Contest time!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 27, 2013, 6:49 PM

Seeing as we have two entries right now, I'm enforcing the extension. The deadline is now January 15th! Send in your arts~!

Officially, the contest has started!
Before we get started, can I just say, y'alls answers to the poll were freaking hilarious.
And now to semi-serious business.


December 1st – January 1st
I will have only a two week extension should someone need it. If you're having trouble making the deadline, comment and ask for it. Okay?


The contest is focusing on my comic: What the Carp!?
What I look for in my friends
What characteristics do you look for in a friend?
Good humor, nice appearance, the ability to be seriously stupid sometimes?
What do you think the What The Carp!? characters are looking for?
Can’t get inside their heads? Use yourself! Have them act out what you think!

Also, entries are not judged based on skill, but creativity, interpretation of the characters, and concept


• Please, only art that is made by you! No collages of google pics and no bases. I want to see your art! (Collaborations are fine, ya’ll decide how to split the prize)

• Medium: Any visual (digital, traditional, cosplay, whatever!) or literary media (poems, skits, songs...etc.), all is accepted.
Unsure? Be sure to run it by me.

• Only friendly, child-appropriate art. Follow DA’s submission guidelines, Not allowed in my contest: Nudity, porn, gore, severe violence, incest (this is a kid's comic)
• Couples. Any orientation is allowed, just keep it cute.

• OCS are allowed However, one of the main 8 characters (references below) of What the Carp!? or their parents is a must

• Mainstream characters are allowed, just remember to give credit, if you need special permissions, get it. And so on….Moving on!

• WIPS/sketches/ or uncompleted works are accepted, but it may hurt your chances. Also, I like colors. Lots of colors. <3

Reference information:
Each character reference sheet has info:
- Style of Dress (School, casual, and formal)
- Name
- Gender (It’s only difficult to tell in some cases
- Age and zodiac sign (month)
- Height, in both centimeters and inches
- Quirks, important information or specific oddities to the character
- Mug shots of parents (if alive…or relevant)
- Background information; parents information, lalalala
Any additional information needed, comment, note, just let me know.


Milan Ref by HeartyStar
Milan is a very straightforward thinker, an unintentionally funny person. She doesn’t consider people’s feelings and can be cruelly blunt sometimes, but usually that’s what one needs to hear.
She appears to be an overall indifferent person who only on acts on reason. If you’re hungry, you eat. If you have no food, you go to work to get money to buy food. The one exception to this is her friends. Though it seems she begrudgingly hangs out with them, in reality she’d do anything for her friends, unconditionally, with no questions asked.
Sophie ref by HeartyStar
Sophie is the self-appointed leader of their group, she is considered selfish, pushy and authoritative but what she wants is her friends to have a lifetime of good memories together. She puts up a tough front, but the more she denies that she doesn’t care about something, the more she holds it dear.
Niel ref by HeartyStar
Niel is awkward and anti-social. He’s been raised on a higher level than his peers by his parents because of his genius. He tries to lessen the gap by correcting any errors, grammatical, logical, or essentially anything. It comes out as condescending criticism because he’d like to have a stimulating intelligent conversation, but everyone else just wants to have stupid fun. He’s cool with it though, it gives him the excuse to act his age.
Billy Ref by HeartyStar
Billy is a people-pleaser. He wants everyone to have fun and feel comfortable around him. His parents and classmates assume him to be a big fighting bully, but he tries to stay away from that stereotype; unless his friends are in need of protection.
Ewan ref by HeartyStar
Ewan is a totally self-conscious, afraid she’ll lose her friends for disagreeing with them, she censors herself and comes off as shy and timid even though she’s firey and passionate. She loves her friends but she’s afraid she’ll say or do something unforgivably stupid to lose them. Eventually, she learns that it’s a safe place among her friends and opens up to speak her mind.
Nathyale Ref by HeartyStar
Nathyale is unbelievably chill, tolerant, and polite. He is the guy people would take advantage of, beat up, and laugh at uncontrollably; but Nathyale would take it in stride. Instead of that mess, he hangs out with his friends and encourages them with his bubbly positive energy. And he’s very huggy, he contains himself when it doesn’t seem appropriate, but if it is – he gets realllllly touchy. ^3^
Eliza ref by HeartyStar
Eliza speaks her mind and believes in being totally honest about her person with her friends. She is cute to gruesome and she doesn’t excuse her behavior.
Jessi ref by HeartyStar
Jessi is a childish prankster he believes misbehaving is a form of informality only his friends have the right to see.


1st place: $20 dollars or 1600 :points: , one free, full illustrated commission + llama
2nd place: $10 dollars or 800 :points: one free, full illustrated commission + llama
3rd place: $5 dollars or 400 :points: one free, full illustrated commission + llama

Additional prizes:

Mystery prize raffle!
Advertise this contest in a journal, send me the link and you are now part of the mystery prize raffle. No contest participation necessary.
Participation– every person who sends an entry to the contest, that fits the criteria, will get 10 points participation prize.

How to Enter

Once you’ve completed your entry, please remember to upload it to DA and send me a note of your entry. And then you’re done! ^-^

If you wanna donate, let me know, donators can participate.

And that's all, start making stuff!!

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So some of you are aware of my mind-numbing struggle/artblock I've been having with my portfolio for years. Nothing really seemed appropriate for the artist I want to be seen as. I have some pieces following the theme I've chosen, but most important is the 8-part series I'm doing for a friend. I'd like to share what kind of a guy he is to me, and hopefully the reasons as to why this is so important for me and why I'm drawing this series for him and all other artists will be apparent.

So I met Dave when my mom was taking an intense painting class back in the fall, and I was invited to come in for their final critique. I was only talking to him for maybe half-an-hour or so, but I get accurate sense about people on first impressions and I knew he was a really awesome guy. Fast forward a few months, I'm taking the same insane painting class and I can't get a handle on it. All my classes are bombing because I'm really trying to get my paintings to work and it just wasn't happening. Then I find out Dave's working on his classes in art studio, right by my class. Everybody knows and loves Dave, one because he is an incredible artist with amazing ideas and an eye for what's going to attract the audience's attention. Secondly, he himself, is just awesome. He is so encouraging and inspiring, the first time I met him my mind was flooding the ideas to draw, it was awesome.
During that crazy painting class, that was the first semester I had considered dropping classes.
"Oh, Star, you're a teenager, you were just looking for some excuse to bum around the house instead of taking responsibility."
I love school, though I suck at it; I love the experience of gaining knowledge.
I was sucking way worse than usual and I knew it. The only reason I was able to stick it through and make decent grades was Dave. One day I tried to explain to him how extraordinary I thought he was, and well, I'm not very good at expressing myself through words. He got the general idea, but I felt like I couldn't say it all....weirdness not making sense, moving along. So he was like, "I'm really glad you said something, so I'm giving you pictures." And he gave me 8 prints of his.
Ah! ...!!!
I now have those prints strategically placed all over my room so wherever I turn my head, I see them. I'm not very materialistic, but when it comes to things people have given me that they made themselves, they're my most precious possessions. I see a lot of a person's character in their work, and that I get to have a piece of that makes me unbelievably happy. Owning those have saved me from falling into a bad place.
Back to the story, feeling super indebted to him for inspiring me with life and stuff, near to the end of the semester. Dave tells me he's upset because in one of his art classes one of his classmates openly admitted to plagarism. Now, I told you guys before that Dave is an awesome artist, right? That's because he's a serious one, he puts all his time, care, and energy in his work. So he's all devastated, because he's putting himself in the shoes of the artist his classmate stole from, and he's frustrated and miserable. Again, I'm not good with words, so all I'm thinking is I gotta draw you a picture

And that brings us to the present. I couldn't work on Dave's picture because I'm one-tracked minded and I would have failed my classes. And stupidly, I forgot to get his email or something. So, for my lateness, I've decided to dedicate my first full-blown series to him. 8 pictures for the 8 prints he gave me.
The series is called : "For Dave and other Artists"
Before I go telling you about the actual pieces that are going to be in it, I think it's important that I define artists.
Now even if you know nothing about art, you have an idea of what qualifies as art. The Mona Lisa is art, baby puke on your shirt isn't. And don't even get me started on art professors, where it's only art if it's their preferred media and subject.
No. Just no.
To me, everyone is an artist. No matter how far away your profession or your life is from art, you're a WIP. Everything you do or say is the equivalent to a brushstroke, granted there are some things you need to paint over, but that's just how it goes. When your life is said and done, it's your legacy, your masterpiece. So when I say "other artists", don't feel like I'm segregating people. I'm including everybody. The series emphasizes the profession of artist because, if you read the entire story, the series was initially meant to be seen by one struggling artist.

Alright, now what's actually going to be in the big, special series?
Each picture is meant to inspire an artist to hang in there, make you feel special and wanted. Again, it was made with the intention to inspire one particular artist, but hopefully it will do more than that.
As well as inspiring others, each project is meant to focus on something I struggle with or refuse to do as an artist, forcing me to my best.
1. The Artist is a Magician
Truth be told, artists are a dime a dozen. Singers, full-time freelancing artist, fashion designers, especially are seen as pipe dreams. Despite your visibility or popularity, what you create is amazing.
2. They Said I could be anything (so I became an Artist)
"You're not talented enough", "You don't have enough money to get into that", "You'll never be able to support yourself doing that", all things you've heard as a late adolescent or adult. No matter how long you've been saying you wanted to do such and such, suddenly that path is closed off to you. This piece is about perseverance, staying the course, even when things seem hopeless.
3. Sidewalk Dreams
This work is about childhood, how a child sees the world with hope, wonder, and optimism. I say I'm always looking to surround myself around people who have a balance of immaturity and maturity. Because too much maturity comes with skepticism and a sense of urgency over the mundane.  
4. Beautiful Mess
There are two kinds of artists, the kind that draw themselves all the time. And the kind who groan and moan at the mention of self-portrait. Admittedly, I'm the latter. Not because that I hate my face, but that my face is not reflective of my character. To a certain degree, I think that's the problem with most artist. The theme here is acceptance of everything you are, your dream as well as your looks.
5. These Crazy, Rolling Days
Life is going to be hard. Whether you're doing what you love or not, you've got to take the bad stuff in stride. Portrait of a local and fellow artist, when something gets you down - you've got to give it a knockout!
6. What Shapes this Heart
This is going to be hard. This is going to visually express spiritual impressions. Honestly this is the one I've been thinking on the most, but I don't'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
7. 32-bit love
The first picture for Dave. In style of 32-bit rpg, Dave is a magical wizard who gives that extra boost to defeat the insanely hard super boss.
8. Even if it's Not a Good Idea
"What if it's not a good idea?", "What if I fail before I even get where I want?", it's hard to do decide over present-hardships and future-remorse. This picture is of three characters from my series MI, rebels in their society, they face the fear of banishment and very possible death for following their dreams.

Because the theme is presented in a different way, to the point it's hard to see the relationship between the pieces. For the sake of a connecting factor, I will only be using my trusty tablet on this series, instead of mixed media. I really expect these to take months for each piece, so this journal will be a checklist. When one of them is complete I'll scratch it off and put up a link.
I hope you guys are excited, I know I am. :3
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Watcher love (feature 3#)

Journal Entry: Sun May 12, 2013, 7:24 PM
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Quick announcements; upload explosion later tonight!
No watcher feature next week, because I don't know when my first paycheck is gonna be to renew my premmie, and that would be unfair-ish.
lastly, I gotta job!!! :3

ArtLovingSupport is another big art admirer, also new to DA so give hugs :3
valkyrie1858 is a sweetheart and she's an awesome artist, even if she doesn't think so sometimes <3 Be nice to her, kay? ^_^
Cornelia by valkyrie1858 Evenguarde Portrait by valkyrie1858 Pegisus LineArt by valkyrie1858
panofpandas is a fantastic writer, he does poetry and prose. Especially if you're not into poetry and prose I encourage you to check him out, he is so wonderful ^-^
:thumb355672634: :thumb352343071: :thumb355675558:
cmd1095 does fan fiction, I have read bleach in forever, but his character sheets look fun~
Bleach Dark Dawn OC Profile, Hikari Mikon
Name: Hikari Mikon
Gender: Female
Age: 2348
Birthdate: She doesn't remember.
Birthplace: Japan
Currently residing: Soul Society
History: Hikari was born a daughter of Samurai who owned his own village. Given her nobility, she was somewhat spoiled as a child. She was trained from an early age to become a female Samurai, who were commonly used to defend the household in those days. Hikari took well to her training, and rather enjoyed wielding a blade. Her spirited fervor is what eventually cost the girl her life. When her father was called to aid in a conflict, she snuck into the armory and stole her mother's katana and a horse in order to ride off after her father at just the age of 13. The girl never stood a chance, and was killed by a stray arrow before she ever drew her blade.
She became saddened at the loss of her father, and ended up becoming a Hollow, and survived for thousands of years. In the present day, during a feeding patrol in Karakura Town, Hikari's Hollow form was
Ch1Bleach Dark Dawn Ch1 - Beginnings
It has been several weeks since Aizen and his followers, Gin Ichimaru and Kannamae Tousen, betrayed the Gotei 13. After an elaborate plot to obtain the Hogyoku, followed by a retreat to the hollow realm Hueco Mundo. The Gotei has been left with nothing to do but prepare for the inevitable showdown with Aizen’s armada once the hogyoku awakens. However, despite all of their preparations, nothing can prepare them for the storm which is to come.
----- Soul Society, Squad 13------
A young man was meditating in the woods near squad 13's barracks, he appeared in age to be about 17 or 18. He wore the standard pants of a shinigami, long baggy black pants with a white rope belt. Instead of the usual matching shirt however, the man wore a chainmail shirt, their metallic grey standing out from, but not clashing with, the uniform bottom. The shirt was short sleeved, to reduce its weight and unwieldiness, and the man didn’t seem to notice them being any different than a
RP character, Ember
Name: Ember Karon
Gender: Female
Age: 157
Birthdate: December 15th
Birthplace: Tokyo Japan
Currently residing: Seireitei
History: Ember was born in a middle class family with parents who loved her and an older brother who was a bit distant at times, but had a very good relationship with her
Ember grew up with a nice life, the color of her hair earned her teasing in elementary school...until she beat her tormentors senseless with a chair. After that incident, she was the most popular girl around, she had loads of friends, and as the years passed and her body developed she had a lot of men after her too, including some of her former tormentors. All in all it was a really good life... Until her junior year in high school
While Ember was a star student, popular, smart, athletic, etc... Her brother was not. He struggled in school, didn't have many friends, and was a bit on the scrawny side. He fell in with the wrong crowd, trying out drugs and getting involved in a gang.
Ember begged

SageStrike2 is working on his comic Desert Fox Origins, such cool artwork. :3
AT: AlexsysKoteyko by SageStrike2 Theme #83: Heal by SageStrike2 Desert Fox: Origins P1 by SageStrike2
DeathWalk is doing some cute stuff, someone tell her to do more animals! ^_^
::PC:: Alistair and Samara by DeathWalk ::Welcome:: by DeathWalk Lineless Juneau by DeathWalk
I don't know which comic CapnInsanity  is currently doing, so pffft, just check them all out. XD
Bronze Dancer by CapnInsanity Come At Me Bro by CapnInsanity Whom do Ye Serve by CapnInsanity
Uzgurugalo does 3-D art cannot stress that enough, his stuff is so good! Definitely check out his character models
Groll - Sneak and peek by Uzgurugalo Orange by Uzgurugalo Olly Room by Uzgurugalo
23MC-Studio has too much cool stuff, my head was about to explode x.x
Toxic Shroom by 23MC-Studio Botan by 23MC-Studio Gemins by 23MC-Studio
EricaGo is a new deviant, and aspiring young artist, give love and kisses <3
:thumb356723734: :thumb355932990: :thumb358475029:
NIKEwings is a lovely girl, her style makes me happy. She nearly does as many couple pictures as I do. ^///^
Diva Jinn by NIKEwings

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Watcher love (feature #2)

Journal Entry: Sun May 5, 2013, 7:35 PM
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Wooo~! Because peeps were so grateful over the first feature, we'll keep doing them. :3
genoblast is a really interesting guy doing some nice fanarts and good concepts
:thumb362758466: :thumb348994155: :thumb330319038:
SerdiMaaka is an awesome digital artist, her style for doing hair is incredible!
lil' kid's drawing by SerdiMaaka Sunny day ~ by SerdiMaaka He's bringing sexy back ~ by SerdiMaaka
Cyan-Airus does some really colorful dragons and ponies~
Evil Jay by Cyan-Airus Request From Long Ago... by Cyan-Airus Zera by Cyan-Airus
ninjainfoplz is more of an art admirer, so make something cool and have him look at it. ^-^
TheJapanProject draws cute ponies and does some crazy colored arts

possin is a real sweet lady who does photography of nature being pretty!
100 years by possin Beaconsfield Pansy by possin Morning moon:  by possin
Poppeelee is a fantastic traditional artist (who's getting into digital painting, eee! Excited :3)
Forest elf girl by Poppeelee Copic practice. by Poppeelee Green eyed princess by Poppeelee
Tollador does some cute chibis~
Ario and Daffodilya by Tollador COM: MysteryPearlVoice by Tollador OC Ref Sheet for Natasha by Tollador
Looking at Yamikou 's stuff makes me want to do some perspective, yeah! XD
Elena Short Animation by Yamikou Tenma Tsukamoto by Yamikou Elena's Books! by Yamikou
dhedei has some adorable OCs and has the cutest style
Yuno Gasai by dhedei My new OC - Michiru by dhedei :thumb347499289:

That's all the features for this week
In other news, I have been drawing I swear.
I just haven't gotten the time to finish anything. In a couple weeks I'll officially give up hope for employment and do some arting. <3

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Watcher Feature #1

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 28, 2013, 12:09 PM
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Okay, so as mentioned I'll be putting up watchers who have watched me the longest, to peeps who have just started watching me. There will be ten deviants a week with three works featured from each.

Here we go!
KawariChi is a lovely gal, I think her OCs are fantastic and so characterized. ^-^ She hasn't been on DA long, but she's already improving and getting some good art out there
:thumb352023684: Nope! *3* by KawariChi :thumb352839209:

fanfictionaxis is a wonderful writer, putting the super back into supernatural! (cheesy but true!) She's currently working on Attack at Toadega Bay, but my favorite is The Storyteller's Tale.
:thumb179736786: :thumb335265830: :thumb342511948:

shonnythehedgehog is a cool young artist, she does a lot of ponies, but she's also into video games like zelda and pokemon.
Realistic Shonnypony by shonnythehedgehog Alicorn Derpy by shonnythehedgehog Pinkamena by shonnythehedgehog
Antervantei is an awesome guy with awesome art XD
He mostly draws characters and creatures from his story RID Saga, and he's the boss with his markers
Sisters by Antervantei Antervantei Of Aethervale by Antervantei earthbound (RID - SAGA) by Antervantei
AmericanNoise is a big Teen Titans fan, she does fanfiction and she writes a lot (mainly in Polish, but if you bug her, she might translate to English?) and she's also getting into photography a little? :3
:thumb361256873: Magic Warrior by AmericanNoise Morice by AmericanNoise
IamWarriorChristain is working on some real cool stuff for her original stories~ She does some crazy creature designs, and she's working on a zelda fanfiction comic
:thumb367248911: :thumb348160980: :thumb345590760:
TheSpokesman is an amazing writer, giving back vampires and werewolves their badass reputation. Check out Hell in a Handbasket, I'm so behind, I better just start over x.x

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Tribble-Industries has a fantastic sense of detail and does big scenes really well. He's mostly been doing outfit designs and character sketches right now.
Alien Organisms 101 by Tribble-Industries Aircraft Design 88 by Tribble-Industries The Flames of the Clone War Mk II by Tribble-Industries
U-R-IU is an incredible digital painter with a great eye for color and composition.

Panderpasaurus is a neat artist/singer/voice-actor/cosplayer
Misaki the Espeon by Panderpasaurus Panfox Rave by Panderpasaurus :thumb317707072:
BleedTheDream180 is a great writer, I'm so drawn to his poetry and prose. Be sure to check it out!
:thumb278715904: :thumb277631078: :thumb367797348:

Extra thing: Ha'lle and Richallo are now on my tumblr -
check it out!

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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 14, 2013, 9:27 PM
Media I will be using: Sai with a wacom tablet

Point prices are semi-negotiable, paypal is not.

Prices are as follows:
sketches - $5 (400 :points:)
lineart and grayscale - $7 (560 :points:)

for every additional character - $1 (80:points:)

colored bust - $6 (480 points)
colored half body - $8 (640 :points:)
full illustration (color + background) - $13 (1040 :points:)
for every additional character - $3 (240 :points:)

digital speedpaint (lineless) - $15 (1200 :points:)
for every additional character - $5 (400:points:)

refined digital paint - $25 (2000 :points:)
for every additional character - $10 (800 :points:)

Will draw: fanart, OCs, real people (celebrities/friends/family)
styles: anime, semi-realism
**Won't draw: gore or hardcore sexual explicit scenes

When you note me, please supply pertinent and accurate information, here is an example
Subject: Commission

name/username +email, optional (I will send you the original high resolution file)
Billy Sue/Byebye73 -
request info: (character info, number of characters, bg/no bg, scene, etc.)
I would like to see Ichigo from Bleach fight Tadpole Jackson from Soul Eater, and Tadpole Jackson is winning. no background necessary
Reference: written, drawn, or link
like ichigo is this tall, strawberry blond, strangely buff guy for a 15-year-old. He wears a kimono, primarily black and secondary color is white, and he wields an over-sized cutting knife.
Tadpole Jackson is a people-tall tadpole with red lips and floats through the air.
commission type: sketch, bust, full illustration, etc.
digital speedpaint
anime, as much as you can merge the styles
Payment type: points/paypal
I will pay the $18 dollars by paypal, I will give my information to you after you agree.
WIPs - works in progress (yes/no) (will assume the former)
no please

WIPSs are especially useful on more complicated pieces, wips are sent in stages: sketch, ink, flat color, full color, effects

If you do not want your commission shown on DA, or have it used in artistic promotions, in the note is the time to tell me; and I will only show your work privately.

After I agree to a commission, you may choose to pay me all at once when I accept the commission, or in installments. Installments only apply in a WIP situation, you cannot pay installments on a sketch.

Deadlines are about 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity. I will note if something comes up and/or upon completion.

Anything that doesn't fit into the categories I mentioned before, just note me and we'll figure it out
I'm open to drawing any new things!

Examples of my recent work:

Merlin by HeartyStarHer Gypsy's Bard by HeartyStarRabi - D.Gray-man by HeartyStarThe Words not Said by HeartyStarMany anthros by HeartyStar

I can only handle 5 projects at a time -
5 work slots open:

Any questions, suggestions, or comments. Just let me know!

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